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Wooden Models Online Retailer Extends Its 50% Discount Promotion for The Holiday Season

MIAMI, FL (Marketwire - November 09, 2010) Unique Handmade Models, a Florida designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of handmade Wooden Models has announced the extension of its special promotion of 50% off on its wooden models for the Christmas shoppers. Its selection of more than 500 wooden models in their online store, and the possibility of making your own custom wooden model, makes these models the perfect gift for the hard-to-please individuals on anyone's shopping list without breaking their bank.

These unique wooden models offer a one-of-a-kind art piece that will be appreciated by even the most difficult and demanding tastes. These models make the perfect gift for kids and adults alike, for the practical type and the artsy ones, with no gender or age limitations. The perceived value of these unique wooden models is at least 300% more of its price, making them a great gift for any occasion. "Our models are hand-made art pieces. More than a being a simple gift our models build memories to cherish," said Jesus Rosell, CEO of Unique Handmade Models, Inc.

Unique Handmade Models designs and creates replica wooden models, beautifully handcrafted out of Mahogany wood. Each piece is crafted with fine detail and finished with three layers of polyurethane coating that gives it a high glossy finish. Their line includes the best-sellers Tag.Link.Category.AirplaneWoodenModels and Helicopter Wooden Models as well as collectible Automobile Wooden Models, motorcycles, trains, tractors, ships, and golf wooden models. They also provide custom replicas based on their clients wishes. Each wooden model takes approximately 18 hours of labor to create.

Unique Handmade Models has been in the business of hand-crafted unique wooden models for more than 10 years. Their participation in over 400 shows and their presence in more than 40 seasonal stores make them the leading importer and manufacturer of wooden models for the aviation and golf industry in the country.

Unique Handmade Models' online store offers overnight delivery service for the last minute shoppers. They also deliver internationally.

About Unique Handmade Models
Unique Handmade Models is a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of handmade wooden models, wood models and mahogany models. Their line of wooden models includes well known aircrafts as well as collectible cars, motorcycles, trains, tractors, ships, and helicopters. They specialize in the design and creation of any custom wooden model. Visit them today at

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