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F-105D Thunderchief Wooden Model

$279.00 $249.00 $186.75 (Currently Sold Out. Inquire for availability)
F-105D Thunderchief Wooden Model
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Item Description:Item Number: 397

F-105D Thunderchief Model Airplane 1/48 Scale

Scale: 1/48

Wingspan: 9 1/4"

Code: MCSS09W015

Delivery 7 to 10 days

The Mach 2 capable F-105 bore the brunt of strike bombing over North Vietnam during the early years of the Vietnam War. Originally designed and deployed as a single seat aircraft, a two-seat Wild Weasel version was later developed for use in the specialized Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses(SEAD) role against surface-to-air missile sites. It was commonly known as the "Thunder-Thud" by its crews.

As a follow-on to the Mach 1 capable F-100, the F-105 was also armed with missiles and a cannon; however, its design was tailored to high-speed low-altitude penetration carrying a single nuclear bomb internally. First flown in 1955, the Thunderchief entered service in 1958. As the largest single-engined fighter ever employed by the USAF, the single-seat F-105 would be adapted to deliver a greater iron bomb load than the four-engined, 10-man strategic bombers of World War II like the B-17, B-24 and B-29. The F-105 would be best remembered as the primary strike bomber over North Vietnam in the early stages of the Vietnam War. Over 20,000 Thunderchief sorties were flown, with 382 aircraft lost (nearly half of the 833 produced) including 62 operational casualties. Although it lacked the agility of the smaller MiG fighters, USAF F-105s demonstrated the effectiveness of guns, and were credited with downing 27.5 enemy aircraft.