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Custom Wooden Models

Our Master Craftsmen are capable of making any custom wooden model of your choice. If you have a picture we can make you a very nice Artistic Wooden Model that you'll love. If you have Schematics or a 3D Model we can make you an almost "Perfect" Replica that you will absolutely love.

Provided that you give us the proper information within a timely fashion, lead time for all custom wooden models is 8 to 10 weeks if you ship it by regular mail or by ocean freight. If you expedite it you can have it within 4 weeks from the time you order.

How to place your Custom Order?
  1. Contact Us via our Contact Us page.
  2. If you want custom laser etching then please let us know what you want written when you contact us.
  3. Email us any information and pictures that you may have on the wooden model you are ordering.
  4. Wait for our confirmation commiting to the order.
  5. Depending on your shipping options within 4 to 10 weeks you will have a one of a kind unique wooden model in your hands.

Give us this ...
...and we'll create the wooden model on the right for you => End Result:
Give us this ...
...and we'll create the wooden model on the right for you => End Result:
(includes custom laser etching)
Give us just an idea and we'll create it for you ...
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