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About our Wooden Models

All our wooden models are 100% handcrafted out of mahogany wood. Our crafters are highly skilled artists that take great care in making our beautiful replicas to perfection.

We make two kinds of replicas. Some of our pieces are exact replicas and some are artistic renderings of the actual aircraft. While on the actual replica you'll find all the antennas and probes that a specific aircraft has, the artistic rendering is more of a crafty piece intended to be just an artistic piece. Both are very beautiful and finished with a high gloss finish to make them shine as a jewel should.

Since our mahogany wooden models are hand crafted items no two are alike and therefore they are imperfect by nature. Color variations from wooden model to wooden model may vary and we can not guarantee that the color consistency will always be the same.

For protection from damage, we ship the wooden model pieces semi-assembled. Some simple final assembly may be required. The wings for the airplanes and the blades for the helicopters will have to be plugged in but no glue is required.

The wood that we use is left over wood from the furniture manufacturing industry. No trees are purposely cut for our wooden models.

The above picture demonstrates the average size of our wooden models. This is a model of the P40 Warhawk with a wing span of about 16 inches. Our wooden models are not made to a specific scale. They are made so that you can easily display them on your desk or book case.

We guarantee all of our wooden models and if for any reason you are not happy with the wood model you receive let us know and we will send you a replacement.

May God bless you for your visit.


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